Episode #274: Business/Finance Book Recommendations

Want to start a private practice & looking for some books to help guide you? Then this Ask Allison episode of the podcast is just what you need!

Check out the list below for the books Allison mentions (we recommend ordering through a local book store):

Oldies but Goodies:

  • 12 Months to Your Ideal Private Practice by Lynn Grodsky’s
  • Be a Wealthy Therapist by Casey Truffo
  • Private Practice Specific:
  • ACT on Your Business by Lee Chaix McDonough
  • The Entrepreneurial Clinician by Jo Muirhead

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Episode #273: Getting Started in a Big City

In today's podcast, Allison chats with Abundance Party member Robin about how to start a private practice in a big city like New York. They discuss how growing a practice in a big city is different from other places, how to stand out, and whether SEO is effective.

Sponsored by:
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